The Founders

Founded in 2021, The Stoic™ Barbershop is the product of a loving, entrepreneurial, family who’s vision for modern male grooming is setting a new standard in the industry.  Eric and Jennifer come from very humble beginnings and each spent many years working and providing for their 4 kids.  With Jennifer’s vast experience in Cosmetology and Barbering- combined with Eric’s operations experience in small business and military service- this family is thrilled to be breathing life into their dream.

The Goal

Understanding the depth of our dream, we believe in a people first business model.  We apply this approach to our clients, customers, and our community- whom we call our “Stoic Family”.  To give an opportunity for everyone in the Stoic Family to serve others, we coordinate charity grooming events for various organizations throughout DFW.  We strive to benefit our youth, impoverished neighborhoods, and struggling citizens by sharing the joy of a kind heart and a fresh fade.

The Future

The future is bright for The Stoic™ and the sky is the limit!  In the future, we see a brand that positively impacts everyone it reaches and effects change in the best ways possible.  Without community we are nothing and that sentiment is seemingly diminishing in our world, today.  Our intent is to change that perception through our actions, opportunities, and investments in our Stoic Family.  Through service, generosity, and values we can be the change we hope to see in the world.

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The Stoic™ – Benbrook

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